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Soxhelt Apparatus
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Soxhlet Extraction apparatus, Complete Manufacturers

Soxhlet Extraction apparatus, Complete

Catalogue No.
331 A
a. Extractor 60 ml.
b.F.B. Flask 100 ml
c.Allihn condenser 150mm
331 B
a. Extractor 100 ml.
b.F.B. Flask 250 ml
c.Allihn condenser 200mm
331 C
a. Extractor 200 ml.
b.F.B. Flask 500 ml
c.Allihn condenser 250mm
331 D
a.Extractor 400 ml.
b.F.B. Flask 1000 ml
c.Allihn condenser 250mm
331 E
a.Extractor 600 ml.
b.F.B. Flask 2000 ml
c.Allihn condenser 300mm
331 F
a.Extractor 1000 ml.
b.F.B. Flask 3000 ml
c.Allihn condenser 300mm

Recovery assemblies Similar to Quickfit. Manufacturers

Recovery assemblies Similar to Quickfit.

Catalogue No.
332 A
a.R.B. Flask 250ml
b.Multiple Adapter two necks
c.Recovery Bend
d.Leibig condenser
e.Separating funnel 100 ml.(’Q’ Cat. No. 140 A)
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