All Quartz Double Distillation (Horizontal Model)


All Quartz Double Distillation (Horizontal Model)

  • Replaceable Silica Heater : The horizontal quartz jacket is fitted with removable silica heater and screw threaded connectors for ease of cleaning.
  • Distillate temperature is approx. between 25° to 45° C which is ensured by an efficient condenser.
  • The stand is powder coated for rust free operation and lustrous
  • Cooling water from the condenser is re-circulated into the boiling chamber, hence saving energy.
  • Fuse is provided for safety in case of voltage fluctuation or short circuit.
  • Boiler is provided with Replaceable Constant Level Device for easy draining and cleaning of boiling chamber.

Available Options

SKUOutput Capacity (Approx.)Power Rating (Total)Cooling Water Consumption (Approx.)Quantity 
AMDD-15AQ-HM1.5 ltr / hr3 Kw50 ltr / hr
AMDD-20AQ-HM2.0 ltr / hr4 Kw65 ltr / hr
AMDD-25AQ-HM2.5 ltr / hr5 Kw70 ltr / hr
AMDD-35AQ-HM3.5 ltr / hr6 Kw90 ltr / hr
AMDD-40AQ-HM4.0 ltr / hr7 Kw120 ltr / hr
AMDD-50AQ-HM5.0 ltr / hr8 Kw150 ltr / hr


Additional In-built Safety Features

  • Gate Valve : Conserves cooling water wastage in case of power failure.
  • Flow Switch : In built safety feature for the equipment unit shut off i case of cooling water failure.
  • Temperature switch : The boiler is equipped with a safety temperature switch which shuts off the unit if water level in the boiler falls below the heater, thus saving the glass parts from any damages.


** It is recommended to use Water Softener Unit with All types of Water distillations for desired output, good quality distillate and long life.

***pH electrodes will NOT give accurate pH values in distilled or deionized water. This is because distilled and deionized water do not have enough ions present for the electrode to function properly. The readings will drift and be essentially meaningless. In practice, however, most distilled water will have a pH that is slightly acidic (less than 7.0) due to the presence of carbon dioxide (CO2) that is absorbed from the atmosphere.

Additional information

Output Capacity (Approx.)

1.5 ltr / hr, 2.0 ltr / hr, 2.5 ltr / hr, 3.5 ltr / hr, 4.0 ltr / hr, 5.0 ltr / hr

Power Rating (Total)

3 Kw, 4 Kw, 5 Kw, 6 Kw, 7 Kw, 8 Kw

Cooling Water Consumption (Approx.)

50 ltr / hr, 65 ltr / hr, 70 ltr / hr, 90 ltr / hr, 120 ltr / hr, 150 ltr / hr


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