Material : Polypropylene / HIPS

These polystyrene tweezers forceps are 4” in length, features serrated tips and pointy tapered ends ensures firm grip and its anti slip thumb and finger ridges added control. Ideal for grasping items from surfaces and also used for medical and first aid purposes. Whereas Polypropylene Scissor-Type Forceps are 5” in length, are chemically compatible with most lab reagents. Double-action hinges provide extra leverage and long life. The jaws have interlocking teeth for holding objects securely. Scissor type handles with catch for locking the forceps. Can be used as clips for chromatography columns. Also serve as excellent tube clamps.

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81321Tweeser100 Pcs
81322Scissor100 Pcs

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Tweeser, Scissor


100 Pcs


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