Kymograph Super Speed


  • Improved life time pinnion lift. Range of fine vertical adjustable 15cms. Close mesh 10 speed gear box, Gear ratios 1:2 No. backlash. Instantaneous start at all speeds with built in vibration free, noiseless motor, speed variation from 1 rev in 25min. to 1 rev in 11 hours. Permissible paper length 2.5 meters, adjustable along machined 120 cm bed. Automatic paper tensioning devices. Flat writing surface attachment 3 jointed arm uprights with fine tangential adjustment, Auxiliary cylinder with fine tilt adjustment to permit equalization of tension at the top & bottom of the paper, Neutralization clutch for immediate start & stop, centralized electrical points for respiration pump, time clock and operation table, mounted on heavy metal platform with castora, with manometer & two way time marker.


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