Lab Willey Grinder


(Arthur H. Thomas Type) Disintegrator

  • With polished hopper 2” dia., with cover. Three delivery sieves 20, 40 and 60 mesh respectively, each with plastic receiver. Works on 200 V A.C. Are movable glass plate forms the face of the chamber and permits observation during operation.
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SKUChamber SizeMotor Cap.Chamber BodyQuantity 
0617 / 0140x25 mm0.25 H.P.Mild Steel
0617 / 0265x25 mm0.25 H.P.Mild Steel
0617 / 03100x50 mm0.50 H.P.Mild Steel
0617 / 04200x75 mm1.00 H.P.Mild Steel
0617 / 0540x25 mm0.25 H.P.Stainless Steel
0617 / 0665x25 mm0.25 H.P.Stainless Steel
0617 / 07100x50 mm0.50 H.P.Stainless Steel
0617 / 08200x75 mm1.00 H.P.Stainless Steel



Additional information

Chamber Size

40×25 mm, 65×25 mm, 100×50 mm, 200×75 mm

Motor Cap.

0.25 H.P., 0.50 H.P., 1.00 H.P.

Chamber Body

Mild Steel, Stainless Steel


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