Material : Polypropylene

An economical substitute for wire racks, here are these submersible, autoclavable racks which are stackable when empty. These are available in different colours and are made of a special blend of Polypropylene that makes it sink in a water bath and maintain their stability even in agitated water. These space saving racks can easily be disassembled for cleaning purposes. The base is in the form of a grid with square openings and has fold up sides and end bars that lock into rack tops.

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7790113 mm x 90 Tubes6 Pcs
7790216 mm x 60 Tubes6 Pcs
7790320 mm x 40 Tubes6 Pcs
7790425 mm x 24 Tubes6 Pcs
7790530 mm x 21 Tubes6 Pcs

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13 mm x 90 Tubes, 16 mm x 60 Tubes, 20 mm x 40 Tubes, 25 mm x 24 Tubes, 30 mm x 21 Tubes


6 Pcs


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