Nylon Syringe Filter (Non Sterile) Packed in Transparent Plastic Jar


High quality and cost effective, Nylon syringe filters are designed for sterilization or clarification of aqueous and solvent samples in a wide array of analytical and research applications. It is primarily used to filter small aqueous and organic samples with low hold-up volume in order to inject them directly into the HPLC sample loop system.


  • Luer-Lok and pressure fitting
  • Ultrasonically bonded for reliability
  • Clearly inscribed with the filter media type on barrel
  • Excellent unit-to-unit and lot-to-lot reproducibility and consistency
  • Made of high purity virgin polypropylene housing, no dyes or pigments added
  • Unique with a concentric funnel shaped barrel to increase volume and decrease back pressure
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SKUDIAMICRONPack ofQuantity 
1161 / A13mm0.22 um100 Pc
1161 / B13mm0.45 um100 Pc
1161 / C25mm0.22 um100 Pc
1161 / D25mm0.45 um100 Pc

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13mm, 25mm


0.22 um, 0.45 um, 0.22 um, 0.45 um

Pack of

100 Pc


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