PTFE Syringe Filter (Non Sterile) Packed in Transparent Plastic Jar


High quality and cost effective, these Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) syringe filters are HPLC certified and available in hydrophobic version.

  • PTFE membranes are inherently hydrophobic; they are ideal for the filtration of nonpolar liquids and gases.
  • Very resistant to solvents as well as acids or bases.
  • Can be made more hydrophilic by flushing with alcohol, followed by water
  • Used for filtering and de-gassing chromatography solvents
  • Permits optimal utilization of small sample volumes
  • Excellent chemical compatibility for filtering harsh chemicals that destroy other membrane materials
  • Moisture barrier for venting applications and vacuum pump line protection
  • Ideal for aerosol sampling
  • Filter viscous organic based HPLC samples
  • Glass microfiber prefilter raises absorption capacity and loading
  • After pre-wetting with alcohol, may be used for fine particle removal of aqueous and mild organic solutions in Ion Chromatography
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SKUDIAMICRONPack ofQuantity 
1165 / A13mm0.22 um100 Pc
1165 / B13mm0.45 um100 Pc
1165 / C25mm0.22 um100 Pc
1165 / D25mm0.45 um100 Pc

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13mm, 25mm


0.22 um, 0.45 um, 0.22 um, 0.45 um

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100 Pc


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