Material : Polypropylene

This autoclavable rotatable multi rack moulded in polypropylene is a combination of four modules providing spaces for different sizes of test tubes and centrifuge tubes. These modules can be rotated in different directions to accommodate different types and sizes of tubes at the same time.

  • 1st side – 2 wells with Ø 30 mm for 50 ml tubes
  • 2nd side – 10 wells with Ø 13.5 mm for 10-13 ml tubes
  • 3rd side – 8 wells with Ø 20 mm for 10-15 ml tubes
  • 4th side – 6 wells with Ø 16.0 mm for 15-20 ml tubes
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76002Rotatable Multi Rack1 Set

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Rotatable Multi Rack


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