Water Bath Incubator Shaker



  1. Digital temp. Indicator-Cum-Controller
  2. Microprocessor PID Digital temp. Indicator-Cum-Controller
  3. Digital temp. Indicator
  4. Shaking tray for 25ml, 50ml, 100ml, 250ml, 500ml & 25mm dia
    Test tube or conical flasks.


Available Options

SKUShaking Tray Size in mm (approx.)Shaking Tray Size in inch (approx.)Capacity (approx.)Quantity 
0836 / 01275x275x15011x11x612 ltrs
0836 / 02400x300x15016x12x618 ltrs

Additional information

Shaking Tray Size in mm (approx.)

275x275x150, 400x300x150

Shaking Tray Size in inch (approx.)

11x11x6, 16x12x6

Capacity (approx.)

12 ltrs, 18 ltrs


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